Monday, November 28, 2011

Spoiled Goods

Yes, you guessed it! Another misleading title. I chose "spoiled goods" because I spoiled myself this past week by buying several pretty items :) In my defense I was trying to Christmas shop for other people, but kept finding stuff that was "so me" .. yupp I know crappy excuse .. Oh Yeahhh & in other exciting news I finally got my business cards! If you follow me on twitter @WaveeeyB you probably know that already. Speaking of twitter I still SUCK AT IT but whatever I'm like a fine wine & I'll get better with time .. ok I'll stop it's kinda late & I'm deliriously tired because I ran 3 miles tonight.
yayy love them! I designed them myself & can't wait to hand them out at the next CAP FABB event!
  I stopped by NY&CO since everything was 50% off & I walked out with these cute earrings & a pair of black tights which I have been in DESPERATE need of. 
[until this super nice warm weather we've been having recently, but hey I'm not complaining]
I spotted this little clutch-esk//brief casey thing at the Thrift Store last week & bought it because my laptop fits in it & I only have one other clutch *gasp* I know I know so I thought this was a little more casual & still "practical".
Confession time, this is the first time I've ever picked up an issue of Nylon & I'm pretty sure I'm addicted. Each page was so much fun with all the color & it helps that Rachel Bilson is freakin adorable!
The nail polishes are actually part of one of my friend's secret santa gift, so I hope she doesn't read this post. I bought them at Forever 21 [LtoR Black/Silver, Gold, & Eggplant] .. congrats F21 for the most boring nail polish color names of ALLL time jkjk but I feel like they could up with more clever ones.
I LOOOVE this lipstick!! It goes on super creamy & I already had this same type of lipstick in G07, but it's pretty much a stump now so I bought another one that's super similar it's G08 .. yeah I don't stray away from something that I know works :)
my bangs look kinda mushroomy but I wanted to show you what the lipstick looks like on. 
Yupp, now I have to take a shopping hiatus for a bit but I'm happy with my purchases :)
Did any of you get any really awesome Black Friday deals??


  1. I love all those nail polish and that lipstick!

    and I love those business cards!

  2. that lipstick looks really pretty on you. very flattering with your skintone!

  3. I love your new business cards...uber cute!

  4. though you said you have no nails ;) those polishes are great !!!! love your blog and your personality. You a fun fashionable chica. hope to see you soon :)



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