Thursday, November 17, 2011


Are you ready for some skin?? Just kidding the title was misleading. Instead of cleaning my room I painted my nails!! I have been "biting my nails since I could chew" according to my Dad so I've found the solution, PAINTING THEM. Well .. at least I don't bite them for a couple of days if they're painted. It seems like everywhere I look I see glitter & sparkle so I thought I'd paint my nails super duper sparkly :) Beware I have ugly crooked fingers haha & it's also very difficult to "model" nailpolish so forgive my awkward gremlin hands.
Now I can't stop looking ay fingers because they're blinging out of control, I LOVE it <3
Tomorrow is Friday .. get excited!

OMG how could I forget the HUGE news I caved in & got a twitter .. eeeek I've held out for so long but I gave in to peer pressure. If you want to follow me my "twitter name"?? [haha twitter confuses me so much I seriously don't get it SAAAVE ME] back to the name it's WaveeeyB.


  1. omg omg i am getting a twitter too! just not sure when yet, lol. i'll get around to it when i get around to it :) but how fun would it be to chat with each other?! hell yes! hope you have a great weekend love! your nails are so cute!!

    x jamie

  2. I love nude polish, i have been dyeing to do a nude polish look with a half moon manicure.

  3. Pretty nail color love the glitter. I am on twitter, I love it! Follow me if you wish @stylishlyme. Their is a giveaway going on my blog I think you'll love.


  4. Really pretty! Though, admittedly, I think that I personally preferred it before the glittery nail polish went on - but I loved both. Oh, and you honestly do not have awkward gremlin hands!
    PS: I adore your blog, your obvious sense of style and the chatty and engaging way in which you present your (very entertaining) information. Thanks, and keep up the excellent work.


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