Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I was so lazy this year for halloween & my costume took a total of 1 minute. 
Black zip up= fake cop jacket,  dark blue v-neck= cop shirt, sticker= cop badge, & duck tape=police
It was actually my friend's idea for the costume & I thought it was hilarious since I work at a police station.. Yeah needless to say my cop co-workers weren't really fans of the costume .. oh well :)
[Also my hair looks really weird I P R O M I S E I DON'T have a mullet!!]
The night before after Nikki cut my hair we carved pumpkins, needless to say she's way better at carving pumpkins that I am. I kept it simple with the ghost coming out of the jack-o-lantern  & she did the awesome mummmy!
My FAVORITE part of last night aside from eating way too many Reeces [best candy ever!!]
was taking MOOSEY aka Mario trick-o-treating :)
He was adorable as always & that mustache definitely only stayed on for that 1 picture
I thought I'd also throw in a picture from last year's Halloween 
[I love that I've been able to go with him every year even though he's only 2]
The funny thing about this pic is that I cam strait from work [life guarding] so it wasn't really a costume but it totally worked :) Also if you're wondering if this is the same cutie pie from the 4 of July post here you're absolutely right!
Even though I was kinda bummed we were so lame this year for Halloween I've LOVED looking at everyone else's costumes!! Did any of you see any really creative or awesome costumes?? If so send me a link so I can check them out :) 

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  1. You look gorgeous!
    and that little Mario is so adorable!


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