Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Equinox + CAP FABB

I didn't get around to doing a WIWW post so I thought I'd share with you ladies some pictures from the Monday CAP FABB meet-up at Equinox. Before going to Equinox Cheralee & I had a mini photo shoot  with the sparkly trees :) 
Everything-THRIFTED [except for my H&M tank]
I wore the same skirt here to the first CAP FABB meet-up at Violet
 I love the flower headbands that Cheralee makes & her gorgeous new JS heels!
 yumm, you know I had to take a picture of the delicious sandwiches :)
 L: Love Jasmine's awesome jumper & statement necklace! R: Wonderful meeting Ujjib for the first time!
My 2 favorite shoes of the night   
L: Special K's Leo Loafers & R: Katherine's lace-up boots with the best heels everrrr
 L: Wonderful Eventbrite D.C. staff R: Ashley, Alison, & Rosa [fellow D.C. bloggers]
It was a balmy 70 degrees out so I didn't mind walking around & any excuse to wear summery clothes again I'll take! A couple of us went to get a glass of wine afterwards at The Tap Room & I'm definitely going to have to go there again for dessert :) So excited that tomorrow is Thursday, I'm so ready for the weekend! What do you ladies have planned??


  1. i LOVE your thrifted look! you go girl! you ladies look so beautiful :) i hope youre well darling. its been sooo darn stressful here.. im getting sick from the stress.. i need a vacation :( anywho! a glass of wine sounds great right about now! i have no plans for the weekend yet :) hopefully relax! talk to you soon love

    xx jamie

  2. so so much fun looking!!! i am excited to know you.... it always feels like you are taking me to all your fun parties!

  3. omg sooo fun!!!!! I am sorry I missed out : ( you and Cheralee are soo cute with your bangs!!!!

  4. yay color of your hair is amazing!

  5. These are great photos, mmmmm those sandwiches I would do the same thing! I love the ankle boots as my favorite for the night!

  6. Great meeting you! I hope I see you at the next meet up!


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