Sunday, November 20, 2011

Curly Girly

This weekend was just what I needed! I caught up on some laundry, curled my hair [sucessfully!], & ate lots of yummy food! I never thought in a million years I would by "curling" my hair. For most of my life I've had curly hair, & when I was a baby I had a legit FRO. However, as time has gone on my hair has become much more strait naturally [I'm sure it has nothing to do with me straitening my hair religiously for over 8 years]. Of course now that I occasionally want curly hair, my hair REFUSES to curl ... except for Friday night :)  I think the only reason that it stayed curly was because I used soo much hair spray omg it was pretty toxic, but w/e the point is it worked. I used Suave professionals touchable finish spray in SUPER HOLD, & SUPER HOLD it did I think I've still got hair spray in my hair. The curlers I used were Conair & I just took teeny little pieces starting from the bottom up & it worked!!
boots & Tee -THRIFTED, 1st skinny jeans I've ever bought - Cheap shop in Australia
evidence of the mop I used to have to work with! [with my b/f Erin circa '95]

& if you like wavy//curly hair check out Jamie of Beauty & Le Chic her hair is REEEDICULOUSLY beautiful & perfect she also has a tutorial of how she curls it .. it's no secret that I hardcore envy it :)


  1. you look amazing with Curls!!! I bet Mian is sooo Lime green jello of those curlers she wants them so bad! I have some old ones I should break out hahaah

  2. your so pretty!!and your hair is great. really like your blog. i'm following!

    please come by my blog and follow if you'd like!

  3. cute skinny jeans! i love them paired with the boots. your hair looks really gorgeous too!




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