Friday, November 11, 2011

Ann Taylor + CAPP FAB

Monday after work I was exhausted so I went home & changed into sweats :) Then I decided let me not be lazy so I through on some clothes & makeup & off to Ann Taylor I went. When I got there I was greeted by friendly bloggers & an even friendlier chocolate display jk [I'd eaten only a little so when I saw the chocolates+pastries+champagne I b-lined]. I was busy chatting with new as well as old blogger friends so I only have pictures of outfits & chocolate :)
           L: Chyanne & Cheralee [chatting]R: Alison [I love her crisp white blazer]
 L: Rosa & Liz [so excited to meet Rosa in person I've followed her blog for a while now & Thank you again Liz for another wonderful event :) 
R: Some new blogger friends that I made, I love how all 3 of them have such unique styles!
 some fashionable ladies lounging in the GORGEOUS dressing room
 a quick shot before they started the fashion show <3 the Chandeliers !! 
 of course I had to get a picture of these yummy chocolates [aka my dinner]
L: Allix & I [the 2nd blogger I met for the first time after following her blog!! She's so sweet & I loved hearing about all the concerts she's gone to, I need to step my game up]
R: OMG pretty much like a gourmet REECES CUP!! plus it's sparkly I'm in LOVE

Dress-American Apparel, Denim Button Up-VS, Shoes-CONVERSE, Clutch-GUESS

So this week has been awesome for many reasons
more reeces//NO WORK TODAY//HAPPY VETERANS DAY//Co-worker surprised me with a Frosty!
Yupp, about to get 2 inches trimmed off the bottom of my hair [[it's SOOO dead]] & I'm gonna dye it because parts of my hair have developed a yellowy green look .. not so cute. Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. You look stunning!
    I am now in a serious mood for chocolate gonna have to raid my cupboards! lol
    Good luck with the hair trimming too..
    let's hope your hairdresser knows when to stop.. Unlike mine! lol

  2. I love me some Reese's. Like, it's not a game. Such an addiction.

    Glad you had fun at the event! Meanwhile, when we thrifting, yo?!


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