Sunday, October 16, 2011

top bun thrifting

Yesterday I tried doing a "top bun" for the first time. While at first it reminded me of my old baby sitter "Aunt Phillis" I'm pretty sure I'm obsessed with them now :) I'm the type of person who re-does my hair roughly every 5 minutes. I'm either taking it down so I can pick my split ends or putting it back because I'm sick of it being in my face. This my friends is the solution!! It was out of my face & secure enough that I didn't have to worry about it falling down every 2 seconds, plus I just thought it looked cute! I've seen this style around on several websites the 2 that I remember are Sydney & Geri. You should try them & then send me a pic of them! Well I'm off to Panera for a lazy brunch with David :) 
PS: I went thrifting with Mian yesterday, but didn't buy anything :(  I tried on a cute leather skirt & a beautiful over-sized fuchsia sweater but something just didn't fit right with either of them. Oh well at least now I know what 2 pieces to keep a look out for! Happy Sunday <3


  1. it's my daily hairstyle :D because I hate my hair so much and it's just perfect for avoiding to see my hair :D

    ohh good luck on it!

  2. that yellow color is so amazing on you.
    and i love messy buns. there is something sophisticated about them.

    kaitlin xo

  3. love your bun, you look so fresh!

    would be cool, if you visit me on my blog too!

  4. the bun looks great on you! I was planning to go thrifting this weekend but I didn't get around to it. glad you did.


  5. you are such a doll! and your hair is so great for that do.


  6. Your top knot is super cute! I wish my hair was longer so mine was bigger. I end up wearing buns on top of my head often (at least 1-2X/week). They're so easy and cute and they keep my hair out of my face which I love. I think you should keep rocking it - you look awesome!

  7. I just saw your comment lol. I go to that thrift store ALL the time. Thank you for leaving that cardi haha I love it!!! You look cute as ever with your top knot, I tried on that sweater too, I guess great minds think alike!!!

    XO - Krystin

  8. the top bun really suits you-i'm jealous!!

    steph xo


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