Thursday, October 13, 2011

&& so it ends

Ok so the title is a little bit daunting and dramatic but I'm so O V E R this hunt for the perfect OTK boots [Over The Knee] lol thanks Vivi for filling me in on the new lingo. So as some of you know I ordered 2 pairs of shoes here a pair of Dulce Vita ones & a pair of Chinese Laundry ones. Before you waste another moment of your life reading this you need to know that the BOX that the shoes came in was better than the SHOES in the box. The box was huge so I made use of it!
 Ughh I don't want to just blow up & vent throughout this whole post but I'm seriously disappointed in both shoes :( I was nervous about the black boots because it's hard to find a leather material that doesn't look cheap. The "grey" boots were frustrating because the color shown here is a lighter color that I liked a lot as opposed to the darker shade that they were in person. The next pictures are kinda awkward because I didn't know how to take a good shot of me wearing the boots so they're kinda funny.

Excuse my ghetto graffiti arrows lol. Both boots stuck out at a strange angle in the front & just made the entire shoe look weird. By now they're probably half way home back to Oh well as they say [I think someone says] the best things fall in your lap when you're not looking. I know I totally butchered that quote but you get what I mean.
On a brighter note I just got back from seeing Aziz Ansari preform his standup & he REALLY is too funny I really enjoyed his show! It made me want to be a comedian, but my husband has so kindly reminded me that "babe you're not that funny" haha too bad that only makes me want to be a comedian even more! Welp, that about wraps it up for me GOOD NIGHT :) & sorry for breaking my promise about the ranting about the boots .. whoopsies


  1. oh no:( I'm so sorry that those cute boots have disappointed you

    but you know.. it's always a bright side of life.. you can start a new shopping right now ;-)

    I really can't wait to see them ;P

  2. Lovely! I like it :) And I love your blog! :)

  3. I think these boots are amazing! :-)

  4. This is probably why I don't buy anything online...I just hate being dissappointed....but the black ones are cute


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