Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sick of my FACE!

So I know that some of you are probably sick of my face I know I am lol. I want to do more fun creative posts but the lighting in my room is so bad & my real camera is still dead so for now we'll just have to deal w/ crappy face pictures. On another note last night was another CAP FABB meet-up this time @ NECTAR. When I tell you that this place was gorgeous & luxurious I mean TOP NOTCH it went so far beyond all of my expectations of what a "skin bar" should be & look like. The inside was dripping with crystal chandeliers & gorgeous displays filled with a million different products! I bought a bronzer from them & I'm looking forward to using it this winter to keep a little bit of a "glow" going on. It was such a great event & it was lovely to meet some new friendly faces! Here are a couple pics from before the event when I was trying to figure out what I was gonna wear & how I was gonna do my makeup. Hopefully Gwynne will let me steal some of her pics from last night so you guys can get a better idea of how awesome Nectar was.
1. SOOO Excited my hair stayed up in the curlers  2. WHAT TO WEAR?? 3. Getting started on the makeup :)
1. Gremlin-esk face .. loving the dark lipstick though
2. I wore 2 dif earrings lol the long one I made out of an old broken necklace
 3. All ready to go :) 


  1. haha i like your face pictures, very cute.

    xx sarah

  2. Very nice pictures honey!


    Have a great weekend! :)

  3. you look great ;-) I love your dark lips ;)

  4. you are gorgeous! you should be sharing that face! i love the dark lips... so mysterious and sexy!


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