Sunday, October 2, 2011

from the igloo to the block

Today was soo relaxing :) a late lunch of scallops napoleon, beef bruschetta,  & bang bang shrimp topped off our lazy morning & afternoon. I've been getting rid of a lot of clothes lately because I've accumulated so many clothes that it's impossible to ever find the one's that I want .. thus defeating the purposed of why I bought them (to wear them duhhh). Anyways, I hate getting rid of stuff *cough hoarder cough* I get such an emotional attachment to the different pieces that sometimes it's hard to give them away. In the whole process of recombobulating my "WARdrobe" (it looked like a war zone in our room) I of course felt the need to put on makeup. I did a more neutral subtle look by applying a beige color in the crease of my eye before adding on the shimmery brown color I alway use & I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely the 2 blended together! So I also took some pics of my "day/afternoon" attire as well as my "later afternoon" attire. It went from the cute innocent little eskimo to Jenny-from-the-block (I can't help it I will always have a special spot in my heart for BIG ASS HOOP EARRINGS!!) The moral of the story is that I was happy that my makeup worked well with both looks :)
INNOCENT ESKIMO    oversized cardigan(wrapped into dress)-THRIFTED, highlighter nails-CR
J-Lo wannna-be       fur coat-OLD NAVY (4 yrs ago), hoopdy hoops-Claires

Tonight was also wonderful because I got to see a wonderful old friend of mine! It's so great to see close friends & catch up even if it's just for a short time. I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend my batteries for my camera are dead so I haven't been on such paparazzi status but I'll try & fix that!
YES .. I'm guilty I watch Jersey Shore, but I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this commercial for it because the guy in the back looks a lot like Daivd (husband) anyways I thought it was funny .. you be the judge look alike or look aNOT like??
PS: Yesterday was my lovely friend "Nickle Pants" b-day (Nicole) & we went to Gordon Biersch to celebrate so much fun I got a rum runner (so typical but if I can't be in the sun I can pretend I'm in the sun)!


  1. you look gorgeous wearing this make up:)
    I like that Jenny from the block look hahaha :D
    I love oversized sweaters <3
    and ur nails are gorgeous!

  2. ok 1. you are gorgeous...2. your teeth are beyond perfect 3. I want your eyebrows and 4. it looks like you have a lot going on in your closet & i love that... need to see more :)

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to visit my blog & follow back if you'd like...
    Also, check out my giveaway for a Missoni for Target hat!

  3. your eyebrows are so nice! the shape is so perfect!
    great poncho too!

  4. I tend to purge my closet every month. And yet, I still have way too many clothing. Even selling some stuff on eBay just to downsize. Meanwhile, great sweater!

    lol @ that dude looking like your husband!

    Meanwhile, it was a pleasure meeting you at the Nectar Skin Bar. We definitely have to make a thrifting trip happen...considering we live kinda sorta close by. Keep in touch. :o)


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