Saturday, October 15, 2011

curls & laughs

This is a bit of an update post from this past Thursday when we went to see Aziz Ansari. He was preforming his stand up @ University of Maryland, which is where my husband goes to business school. When David mentioned that he bought tickets to see Aziz Ansari I was super excited because I've watched him on comedy central & I personally think he's pretty damn funny!! 
Ignore my face in the top picture, because the important thing is my HAIR! It never curls nicely whether it be a curling iron, straitner, or hot rollers. But I think I may have found out the secret behind great CURLS [for my hair, no promises for yours lol]. & that secret is ... Your hair has to have J U S T been freshly washed & blow dried. In the past I'd let my hair air dry & then the next day I'd think to myself "hmm self don't you think your hair would look better today with some curls in it??" yeah moral of the story I used hot rollers on fresh clean hair & rolled the curlers from the bottom of my hair up to the top & away from my face. Next time I use them I'm definitely going to spray a product on them afterwards so they last longer! Please let me know what's a good hairspray!! I can't stand the sticky stuff :(
grey leggings-F21, denim button up-VS, & nine west flats-THRIFTED
These little moccassin-esk flats we're hiding for quite some time, but luckily in a desperate cleaning frenzy they were rediscovered!! I've seriously worn them ALL week, as you can see they're holding on to dear life .. they've been through a lot but I  L O V E them :)
&& these last couple of pics are from the stand-up to prove that I really was there & that I'm not some crazy fan that hallucinates lol. 
He was soo funny & I keep trying to re-tell his jokes to my friends who weren't there but ughh I suckkk at delivery so there goes my dream of being a comedian :( 

Oh well it's Saturday & I'm about to meet up with Mian to go thrifting & then running! We might do a 5K next month [crossing fingers] .. Happy Weekend !


  1. what is 5K? anyway I'm crossing my fingers! :D

    ohh I really love your curls! You look soooo adorable! You're such a cutie ;)))

    I have curly hair and I really hate it. seriously.. after my small eyes it's a second thing that I hate :D

    those moccassin flats are so gorgeous! I've been looking for a great pair for me but I can't find the perfect one ;-) but I keep trying

  2. if anything, i SUCK at story telling or jokes more! and wows.. you look sexy! love your hair like that girl! hope that your weekend is going well so far =)



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