Friday, October 7, 2011

CAP FABB @ Nectar

Yayy pictures from the meet up! It's so wonderful getting to meet other bloggers in the D.C. area, everyone's so sweet & stylish :)
I grabbed this picture from the wonderful Vivi's blog  .. you can check it out here!

these last 3 photos are courtesy of Nectar
we had drinks provided by Voli & yummy snacks!
these 2 pics are from CAP FABB co-founder Liz
Liz & her equally fabulous counter part Lacey pulled off another GREAT event!!
Can't wait for the next meet-up :)
I kept is pretty casual for the night I was in a rush to get ready.
Studded button-up D.I.Y.'d  here, scarf-thrifted, earing-made from old broken necklace
This last pic is from one of my FAVE Blogger friends GWYNNE!
next time I H A V E to bring my Camera

OMG it's FRIDAYYY & tomorrow is my friend Alysia's B-dayyy  so pumped for the weekend!!


  1. wow it looks like a gorgeous place! I'm jealous :D

    you look fabolous

    have a great weekend

  2. Hey girl! It was so nice to meet you, glad you enjoy reading our blog! Its always nice to hear positive feed back! hope to see you at the next meet up. ;)

  3. aw, sounds like fun! wish i could've joined =) those crackers and cheese are looking yummy! hope you had a great weekend dear! muah!


  4. you are soooo pretty! That necklace turned earring is awesome!! I would have never thought to do that!


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