Monday, September 26, 2011


Ohh yeah I COOK!! alright so I don't really cook that often/ever but I do know how to cook I just have to be in a very special mood. So I got in one of those moods last Friday & made a modified version of THIS recipe for Chicken Cordon Bleu Stuffed Crescents. This recipe is so quick, easy, simple, & delicious not to mention you can totally modify this recipe to your liking!

I hope this little recipe was easy to follow I'm definitely going to make it again & experiment w/ new fillings!! I made this entire meal for around $22.00 & it fed 6 adults!! Oh yeah & since I only had a little bit of the stuffing left over & no more pastries I decided to just roll the cheese & left over chicken in it (also very tasty!!) Hope you ladies enjoyed this post, I hate to say it but cooking w/ David was kinda fun & I might do it again.. don't get your hopes up ;) 
Exciting news my family is visiting for the next few days from OHIO so def. lots of pics!! 
Also hopefully some of my new car eeeeek young love!! 


  1. definitely a new recipe that i will have too try. looks scrumptious!
    Come Visit Me
    xo kait

  2. oooo food <3 it looks so yummy! :D
    but I suck at cooking as well hahah :P I have never used my oven.. ;-)

  3. oh hell yes girl my mouth was watering, lol. good job! that doesnt look too hard to do! but yet again i have burnt pizza and cookies in the oven before lol. hope your week is going well my love!


  4. ok... you should cook more often! this looks absolutely yummy!


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