Saturday, September 10, 2011


Good afternoon folks!! This morning David & I woke up way too early for a Saturday, but it ended up being pretty sweet. He had his first soccer game for this men's league he just signed up for & his team won 3-0! It was actually a nice change having an entire Saturday instead of our usual sleeping in late Saturday although sometimes sleeping in is NECESSARY. Anyways I hadn't really done my make-up or hair all week lol because I'm lazy & I'd rather sleep til the last second instead of getting ready for work. So even though I'm not doing anything cool for the day I still "got ready" as if I'm going out for tonight & it's raised my mood (why I was bummed). So I was like since I put on a nice mask I should share it with the blogosphere :)
after my "mask of make-up" was applied I should have taken a before picture I'm unrecognizable lol
tools, I've had these brushes for years they're super cheap brushes I got from target
& I keep them in a cute vintagey glass I found @ the thrift store
supplies, as you can see I use products to the very last drop lol I hate spending $ on make-up
idk what's going on with my face but I've been L O V I N G this dark purply polish
(wet n wild "under your spell")  
laundry I N E E D to start washing :-X
dressed to impress
Key West-T  KEY WEST, U Miami sweats, VS
This outfit wasn't intentionally put together based around Florida lol it just happened but I thought it was kinda funny. Ohh Yeahh I also mowed the lawn today too bad my only motivation for it was so that I could get a tan :) Happy Saturday!!


  1. oh wow! it looks like you are really good with make up!


  2. I love your make up :-) It look so natural :-) so great!
    and I'm a little jealous because I can't use eyeliner :-( I've tried many times to apply it but I really suck at it :(

  3. I love how you put your brush collection in such a cute jar!! :) And the eyeliner-eyeshadow thing looks really cool :)

  4. glad ur okay after the flooding.
    ur looking happy doll, glad to see it.

    BreezeyBee Blog

  5. the glass you keep your tools in is pretty, and has so much character! you can find the coolest things at thrift stores huh?! :D

  6. Your so pretty! love how you did your brush holder. Super cool idea.


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