Monday, September 19, 2011


Yayy for last weekend, even though now I have a cold because of the spotty weather. It was such a perfect weekend, I relaxed watching David's soccer game & then later rented movies. I got all dolled up & went out dancing at the Rock & Roll hotel in honor of our friend's belated B-day! What I really enjoyed there the most was the D.J. what an artist it was such a crazy mash up of old school jamz mixed with new school hits the perfect combo, except sometimes I was like wtf how do I dance to this & as soon as I'd be like "ohh I got it I'll do this" the D.J. would switch it up & I'd look "special" to say the least. I also stepped out of the box & wore a more "dark" outfit & makeup. It was fun I felt kinda edgy & B.A. too bad that didn't last for long because I'm clumsy lol & I tripped up the steps. This is such a photo whore post so bare with me :)
sorry the lighting is kinda weird & yellowdark&mysterious
high waisted shorts-SUPRE (Australia), velvet heels-CELINE, lacey top-EXPRESS (my b-day gift from Jessica), & lips-N.Y.C. color Mahogany (.99 cents!!)

I'm so excited I'm looking for a new car tomorrow since my other one is totaled :( oh well on to the next one lol.Ohh YAY!! I almost forgot my family is coming over from Ohio this week so excited to see them :D hope you ladies are all doing well, also I want to start reading more books again I used to be the ultimate nerd & just devouring books, but lately I've been zoning off into the black hole I mean internet. I'd love to hear any suggestions you have on some good reads!


  1. awww that lipstick is so beautiful! been trying to find myself a pretty shade of burgundy!

    please come visit!
    xo kait

  2. Thanks for your comment :) Oh and I love the lipstick!
    I am already following :)

  3. I love your lips! you look stunning!

    haha I'm also clumsy.. :P

  4. Oh I am definitely loving dark lipstick as well right now! A couple of weeks ago I bought Tom Ford's Black Orchid and have been wearing it non stop throughout fashion week (perfect for the parties at night!)

  5. Love the dark lipstick! I am in desperate need for some, since all of mine are barbie pink or orange. Great post! Book wise I would really recommend Fahrenheit 451 and Jane Eyre, some of my favorites and great reads for the mood that comes with fall!

  6. I think you are the only person who can pull off dark lipstick this well! It looks beautiful on you.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. love this pin up look! You are smoking hot wave! hmm, books, books, books... omg i haven't read anything for personal pleasure in years. just been reading books for school and you know how that goes. anywho! hope your week is going well beautiful!


  8. i love that lipstick on you
    you look like a freaking rockstar!
    BreezeyBee Blog

  9. oh i LOVE the dark lips on you!! i just got one from Revlon ive been meaning to try out too xo

  10. love the colour of these lipsticks! cool for fall! x

  11. the lighting works really nicely actually!


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