Thursday, September 22, 2011


2 weeks ago after work I swung by the thrift store because it's 25% off on Thursdays :) I picked up these beautiful fuchsia high-tops for around $10.00 which is "expensive" for a thrift store purchase in my opinion, but I couldn't resist & now I'm a little obsessed with them so much so that they get their own post!
  The adorable little monkey is a gift from my littler sister, Wyndra I've had it for forever & I think it's so adorable! And I know you all know what tomorrow is 
F R I D A Y!! what cool stuff are you ladies getting into?!


  1. oh I've been looking for these in purple :-( I'm so jealous!!!!!:)

  2. I love them!!!!!! we should have a pink shoe party I want pink docs sooo bad!!!


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