Saturday, September 3, 2011

in L O V E with this dress

A couple of posts ago here I wrote about the lovely boutique Violet & I mentioned that I picked up something  from them, && last night was this beauties premiere!! Last night was my lovely friend Ryan's birthday & he always looks fabulous so I thought that I would give the new threads a chance :) Not only could I eat whatever I wanted in this dress I also didn't have to worry every two seconds to make sure it was positioned exactly right because it's soo comfy & free flowing!! I paired the dress with simple flats from F21 that I've had since forever to insure that I had a pain-free night. 
**DANGER that one sleeve is very mischievous & gets in everything!! but it's so cute that I don't care <3 

B-day Boy
 A really fun night with great people, lots of laughing & impersonations. Snacking & drinking Bellinis, stone puppies (sweet poppyseed hushpuppies on crack w. cinn butter), capris salad, & steak!! Time to hit the gym lol! 
Happy Birthday R Y A N!!


  1. I love that dress! SUPER cuteee!!!

  2. aww i love that dress. looks so pretty on you!
    especially the one shoulder!

    xo kait

  3. I feel like I gained weight just looking at your meal! Amazing!
    cute dress, it fits really well, especially with the arm loose-ness

  4. you are a hottie puttoti! I love that dress too. and those buns with butter... yum yum


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