Friday, September 9, 2011


I haven't been updating the past few days because I've been going through a lot right now & I'm really stressed. Wednesday night on my way home from the gym I got caught in a flash flood. There was so much water that it started filling my car up with water with me in it. I ended up having to climb out of the window because I wasn't able to open the door due to the amount of water surrounding my car. I'm fine & very blessed to be safe however my car//baby is totaled. I have had that wonderful car for less than a year, but I loved it (Nissan Altima Coupe) & it was perfect not to mention it's the first car I've ever bought on my own. I worked 3 jobs to get that car & now not only do I not have a car I'm also out $7,000. Anyways, I'm just kinda bummed out right now so sorry this is kind of a depressing post.
But on a brighter note it is Friday & so it's almost the weekend :) I'd love to hear about anything fun & exciting you have planned for this weekend, so maybe it'll lift my spirits lol. Is anyone else so O V E R with all this rain & dreary weather?! I think all this bad juju around me requires a turn around & I'm thinking a new pair of shoes would do that!! Have a GREAT weekend everyone :)


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that! I'm glad you're fine!
    it's only a car but I can totally understand that lost of it really hurts..

    my exciting plans for this weekend? lying in my bed and hoping to finally feel better.. it's official. I hate rain and cold.

  2. holy ! Glad to hear that you are safe! sorry to hear about your car ! that does really suck! i hope that your weekend goes better!

  3. awww, my poor waverly!! well, F the flood! im sorry to hear about what happened to you and what happened to your car =( soo happy that you are safe though. you totally need a new pair of shoes and some sushi too! HUGS!! i hope you have a way better weekend dear <3



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