Wednesday, August 24, 2011


WHAT I WANT WEDNESDAYS!! VOL. II by waverlybair featuring couture jewelry

You guessed it, I kinda looove charm bracelets I just think they're so cute & kinda little girly but I think that's their "charm" omg I really need to stop with these corny jokes.
Unfortunately I don't have any Y E T, however I'm on the prowl. I think out of these 4 my favorite is the rose gold Betsy Johnson followed closely by the gold Juicy Couture in the upper right hand corner. Which one do you like?? David's leaving for Cali today, & his friends are picking him up from the airport & driving strait to Las Vegas ... needless to say I'm a little envious, but he deserves it :)
Happy Wednesday, the work week is over 1/2 way done! 

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  1. those charm bracelets are so cool, I always love Betsey Johnson and Juicy Couture ones :D they're so sparkly!


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