Saturday, August 20, 2011


Two of my dearest friends Becca & Tree are leaving me for the west coast :( Well actually they're already there since we went to get Sushi last week to say Sayonara (hence the title).  I'm sad to see them go but I know they're on to bigger & better things. So last Tuesday we went to East Moon it was scrumptious! I had a philadelphia roll, a scallop roll, & a dancing ocean roll .. ughh I'm drooling as I'm typing this it was soo good. Also I got to use my new camera for the first time!! It's definitely going to take some getting used to adapting from my little sony camera I've had since high school to my new Fujifilm camera, but I'm UP for the challenge. Alright enough blabbering on to the pictures :)

 Sorry for the last couple of pics David & I were just messing around with the camera trying to get the hang of it. I bought these Steve Madden flats on sale for $12.00 at TJ Maxx months ago just because they were so cheap, but since I've started working I've worn them to death. I love it when you buy something on a whim & then end up wearing them all the time .. yupp just thought I'd share that with you!


  1. aw, so sad to see good friends go <3 looks like you guys had a blast that night! i was drooling as i read your post lol, and then to top it off you added photos???!! what are you trying to do to me woman! =) i just bought a pair of cheap black flats from some random asian store and they are already falling apart lol. your $12 flats are cute! hope you have a great rest of the weekend dear!

  2. Cute pictures!! I love those flats!!! I want some!

    Hope you're having a great week! Let's go out this weekend!

  3. Hey! Dearest
    Thanks for the comment on the blog
    ..and that sushi...OMG!...
    I think that'll definetly be an option for my B-day dinner this week.



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