Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I spent this last wonderful Sunday afternoon/evening with some friends baking cupcakes & watching scary movies (I haven't seen a scary movie in 5 yrs cause I'm a wimp). I definitely liked the baking cupcakes & eating pizza part better than the scary movie ... obviously. The cupcakes we're muy delicioso!! Georgetown Cupcakes better watch out jkjk they weren't that good but I loved them all the same. Of course I had to document the process.
mouthwateringggg .. we used chocolate store bought cake-mix .. we're not that good YET. we scooped out little pieces from the middle & put peanut butter in the middle. To continue the chocolate overload we added chocolate icing & to top it off we added a little piece of a reeses cup to it! Bon' a petit until next time :)  && how could I forget I got to experience my first earth quake today during work quite a surprise. 

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  1. ohhhh holy cow. girl... fed ex some to me pronto!!!


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