Sunday, August 7, 2011


Can I just say that this year has really flown by. I remember sitting on my bed day dreaming, searching the internet for wedding ideas & looking through catalogs trying to find bridesmaid dresses that wouldn't make my bridesmaids hate me lol. Our wedding day was truly wonderful, however it started off kinda stressful (I forgot to buy fake eyelash glue) but the second I saw David's face at the end of the aisle I just felt immediately calm & at ease. He really is such an amazing husband, and he is also my best friend. We have so much fun being goofy & doing absolutely nothing. I really tried to narrow down the pictures that I was going to put up for this post, but it's super hard! I had to choose from over 1,200 pictures!!! Obnoxious I know! So anyways this is what I came up with . . .   

Whewww... now even I'm sick of these friggin wedding photos! But it truly was the best day ever (so cliche). I'm so excited for our future, & I can't wait to create many new memories with you <3


  1. Happy anniversary!! Your wedding looked beautiful - the photos outside are adorable

  2. Wavey u looked beautiful and still do. congratulations and happy anniversary! my favorite 2 pics are the one of you in the room looking out the window and the last one of u and david making the muscle pics!

  3. Awwww I loove it thank you for sharing. You guys are so cute!! Hope you guys have a wonderful anniversary!!!

  4. Wave, your wedding was absolutely beautiful!!! I love, love, love your pictures! Happy one year :)

  5. Aw congrats on your one year wedding anniversary! I love your pictures, you look beautiful! I just got married 6 months ago. Can't wait to celebrate my one year anniversary with my husband =D

  6. Sooo pretty ;)
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