Monday, August 15, 2011

my N E W addiction

Just what I need, something else to distract me from reality. It's name is Polyvore & needless to say I'm obsessed. Have you ever been to someone's blog & you're like "wow that collage is so cool it looks professional!!" .. well I have & now I'm in on their little secret, POLYVORE! So in honor of my new obsession I'm going to start WHAT I WANT WEDNESDAYS this little feature will help keep my wallet in check & allow me to still enjoy "shopping" (ok not really). Anyways, I hope you ALL like it! Sorry for that little rant I have a couple of pics (mostly me of course) from our 1 yr last weekend!

I love me some booty shorts, 2 of my beach outfits, dinner @ the Blue Ox, my scandalous sheer shirt, sneak attacks of David

It was a fabulous anniversary filled with lots of snuggling,indulging in yummy fattening food, soaking up the sun, 1 wardrobe malfunction (my boob popped out in the ocean whoops), & lots of just hangin out! Absolutely wonderful, I'm a very lucky girl! 
& I'm done with school yayyy!! 
(well just my associates degree, but that's enough for me right now) 
Happy Monday!!


  1. great pics!your body is amazing!

  2. awww so cute looks like a good fun time. im a new follower...follow back if you wish too(:

    xo kait


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