Thursday, August 4, 2011

Last Friday Night la la la la la

I know that it shouldn't take me an entire week to recap one single Friday night, but it did. Last Friday night (no it wasn't as good as Katy Perry's music video) I decided to kick off my B-day weekend! We started off at midtown & I quickly learned after 4 flights of steps that BEAUTY IS PAAAAIN!!! omg the shoes that I "glitterified" here yeahh not meant for motion. Literally I can tolerate sky high heels in exchange for looking good, but I will NEVER, NEVER wear these heels again. I literally woke up in the morning with my feet in the same pained scrunched up position that I left them in that night. Moral of the story DON'T wear shoes out for a long time if you've never worn them for even a short time before. Anyways in case you didn't know it's Shark Week which means my husband doesn't know I exist lol. The good thing is that our 1 yr wedding anniversary is this Sunday, so we're both leaving work early tomorrow to go on a little weekend rendezvous! I'm excited & of course I'm gonna take a zillion pics so get ready!
dress: I.D.  heels:WET SEAL (d.i.y.'d) 
this last pic is the last time you will ever see these shoes on my FEET lol (although I got a lot of compliments, but I can't do the pain) ooooh yeah another highlight of the night was getting to hang out with "Mike Mike" who was on the last Real World in Las Vegas! He was really nice & very down to earth. Overall it was a Fabulous night & I'm so grateful for all the great people in my life & ALL of you Wonderful ladies who read & comment on my blog, you're the B E S T!!

***If anyone would like these shoes they're a size 8.5 US , & if you want to pay me for the shipping I will gladly send you them!! warning you will have a glitter trail following you EVERYWHERE!!

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  1. I had so much fun Friday night!! I love the pictures! Hope you and Dave have a great weekend!


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