Monday, August 22, 2011

3 wisemen & me

Last Saturday night I went to Baltimore with David to meet up with 2 of my BEST BEST BEST guy friends (the closest thing I have to brothers) we went to a collegey bar which was really funny because the top floor had been rented out to all the UMBC dental students, & let me just say I will never be able to look at my dentist in the same way lol. I didn't even realize when I was putting my outfit together that I had picked out my nude pumps to wear, so that pretty much perfectly fits in since I just did that WIWW post on nude pumps last week. I thought the title was funny because at the bar I ordered us shots of 3 wisemen (consisting of Mr.Walker, Daniels, & Beam) which I thought was funny because I was hanging out with "3 wisemen" wow corny joke alert w/e I thought it was funny. It was a fun night I played 4 square w/ some random people so it was a great way to end the night!
Nude Heels Outfit

skirt,top, & belt:THRIFTED heels:NINE WEST, & that Revlon lipstick in Petal is the actual lipstick I wore
Hope your Mondays went quickly today... just 4 more days til F R I D A Y !!
 my little babies..WARNING the next picture is a little disturbing
like I said here they've been through A L O T


  1. adorable outfit! really sexy and your nude pumps are awesome! your corny joke was cute, lol. and wow, that drink is like... strong! haha i cant do any dark liquor of any sort. im kind of a pussy when it comes to drinks haha =) hope that your week is starting off well dear!

  2. lol @ the last picture. i'm glad you are putting them to good use :)

  3. love the first collage and your shoes are so cool !


  4. fabulous! lovely outfit honey I'm following

    Look my blog and follow me if you like :)




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