Tuesday, August 2, 2011

22 & I'm feelin oh-so-mature ... NOT

Ok so I've been 22 since yesterday, so it's basically been 48 hours & I feel exactly the same as I did 2 days ago shocker lol. Anyways, I have felt so extra super loved these past couple of days thanks to fb & the bagillion cute little happy b-day messages. I'm so spoiled to have such a FANTASTIC husband, the SWEETEST friends, & a LOVING family! Over the weekend a lotttta stuff went down but we'll talk about that later when there's more time. To start off my co-workers got me a yummy strawberry cake :) Then later last night for my actual B-day David took me to dinner at a yummy Spanish/Mexican restaurant, Lauriol Plaza. It's right in D.C. & it has the most beautiful architecture & GREAT service (& I'm picky because I was a server). It has 3 or 4 floors with a lovely rooftop level, unfortunately it's hot as HELLLL here so that wasn't happening I value my A.C.  
alright already PIC-CHA tiiiime...
Yummy shrimp&crap enchiladas for dinner followed by B-day Flan!!
heels:GUESS (2 yrs ago for my B-day), skirt: NEWPORT NEWS (d.i.y.), oversized tank:F21, bandeau:VS, friendship bracelets: CANCUN, watch:CHARMING CHARLIES


  1. You look adorable. Happy Belated Birthday...I am so drooling over your cake right now.


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