Thursday, July 21, 2011

when life gives you lemons ... go to LEMON GRASS

After a day full of workin' the 9to5 I met up with two of my "classy" friends lol. I'm not being snotty by calling them "classy" just one of them really likes that word so I thought I'd include it. Back to the point of my story, I got a lovely pedicure with friends & then went to Lemon Grass to meet up with more people & to visit Bryan because he was bar-tending. All in All it was a spectacular Day!
sorry to scare you w/ the terrifying pic on the left, but I had to prove to you that I deserved it lol.
the bar (I thought it looked "cute" does that make me an alcoholic??)* the brilliant B. Flynn bartending*my yummy drink "Wendy's Salad" (Yes, like the fast-food joint, it's inspired by their new salad)*my chipmunk face/the girls*the testosterone of the evening*entrance to el restaurante*outfit shot w/ Becca*red curry/garlic chix&broc w/ peanut sauce*chillin' in the parkinglot w/ the boys. 
What a fun surprise to have in the middle of the week. Well tomorrow's Friday so I can't complain & I'm also very excited for Saturday because I'm playing in a kickball game vs. the Fire department! 


  1. i love the bar! i would love to have that in my house! (and no.. don't make you look like an alchy at all! you don't need to drink to collect!) it does look pretty! love the short shorts you are rockin!

  2. You guys seemed to be having lots of fun <3

  3. Cool blog babe ;) thanks for stopping by



  4. Wave, I love your blog!! So cute! And I love that you included the word classy in this post!

  5. You look like hilary swank on the first picture!


    btw, wanna follow each other ?


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