Tuesday, July 5, 2011

spaceship settings & monsoons

Hello Ladies!! Hope you all had a great 4th of July! Anyways's this is just a quick outfit post of the dress that I wore to a little get together Sunday night. Of course right as we were getting to the apartment it started torrential down pouring ... so we did what any normal person would do we put bags on our heads  & ran as fast as we could! I'm so excited for NY this weekend, but I also have a midterm paper due this Sunday :(   ... BUT I'm gonna try & write it tomorrow so I won't have to worry about it while I'm on the trip. Unfortuantely I'm a HUGE procrastinator, so it will be turned in at 11:59 Sunday night. Sorry I got a little carried away with the spaceship thing they were featuring it on picnik.com & I went a little crazy 
dress-Lilly & Coco, shoes-Alloy (ages ago), bracelets-J.Crew (stolen from Jessica)
PS:If you're wondering who the chica is (the one who isn't me) it's Jessica David's sister & I'll be staying with her this weekend in NY. 


  1. Great dress...and I love the bag look...but I a girl has to do what she can do to protect the hair! :-)

  2. loving the space effect - looks so cooL!

  3. Hahaha I too would grab a bag and put it over my head.. Good luck on the midterm paper.. Loving the look by the way..

    All the best, Angel

  4. Like the spaceship brush that you used! It's really neat. And the outfit looks great - as always.


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