Tuesday, July 26, 2011

it's aliiiiive

Yes, I'm still breathing/functioning/trying to take control of my life. lol basically between getting the hang of the new job, trying to figure out what to do next semester, & MY BIRTHDAY this weekend (if you can't tell I'm pretty freakin pumped!! Anyways, I haven't really been wearing any cute outfits just businessy stuff I need to take pics of some of those outfits, but the second I get home all I want to do is change into my COMFY pjs! yupp, I have some random pics from the last couple of weekends .. just so you can remember what I look like .. or not lol.  
good makeup/hair day///poolside not doing my HW///d.i.y.T i made///rainbow cupcakes soo yummy/// new tortoise watch///&my new running shoes :)
hope everyone's week is going well ... what do you have planned for this weekend?!


  1. Mmmm rainbow cupcakes. Happy early birthday gorgeous!

  2. OMG BECKY....

    geez! i miss you waverly!! ugh, i hate not having internet at home! and OMG happy almost birthday!! ahhh! so exciting!!! i hope you have the time of your life babe!! and whats this about a new job? how cool, congrats!! i know its been a while since ive said hello, im sorry! i called DirecTV for cable and internet service but when they came to my house, they discovered that i wouldnt be getting any kind of service via satellite, lame! so now i gotta research other cable companies.. i need my internet! lol. i hope that all is going wonderful and fantastic with you and the hubbs!
    have an amazing weekend doll!

    xo, jamie


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