Friday, July 1, 2011

inner AUDREY

I woke up this morning feeling more FAB than usual, so of course I had to go shopping! 1 problem I'm trying to save money, so I opted for the thrift store which is where I usually shop anyways lol. I decided to wear the black dress that I wore here. I channeled my inner Audrey by pairing round turtleshell glasses with my dress & poofing my hair a little in the back. My focus for my little shopping trip today was all about "business attire". Since I start my new job in a week I really needed appropriate clothes to wear to work & luckily I scored some great pieces. I got 3 button-ups & 3 pairs of flats for under 30$!! I really don't know how to dress "nicely" besides pairing pencil skirts with button-ups , so if anyone has some good ideas for cute work outfits PLLLLEEEEASE fill me in, ok thanks :)

I hope everyone has a Wonderful 4th of July weekend!! Next weekend I'm off to NYC eeeeek!!


  1. Love this post!Your sunnies are adorable!!!Great pics!
    Happy weekend

  2. Aww you are ADORABLE and $30 for all that? Great finds! Have a blast in NYC next week girl

  3. ohhhh i wanna thrift with you!! you are so adorable waverly :) i hope you and your hubby are having a great weekend! happy fourth of july babe!

  4. loving that you channeled your inner audrey! gorgeous!

  5. Aww cute pictures :) Love your shades and mmm that pizza looks goood!

  6. So lovely and playful!
    That pizza looks yum!

  7. Cool pics!
    You are still beautiful in wacky faces.


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