Monday, July 4, 2011

feelin patriotic ... I wonder why??

OMG it's the 4th of July ... like you don't already know lol. Anyways we're just having a little cookout today with friends & family. Unfortunately I have to leave almost as soon as everyone gets here because I have to go to work. Oh well, back to the tasty stuff we're having ribs, roasted chili corn, & fresh potato salad(I helped peel the potatoes)! I'll post those pics tomorrow, but for now I'll leave you with some quick snap shots of my festive-4th-o-july wear!

striped button-up THRIFTED, diy shorts THRIFTED(Levis), redlips SEPHORA
also I have some pictures that are pretty 4th of July worthy that I took yesterday when watching my friend's son. It was so funny for the entire day he wouldn't let go of his little American flag lol. 
have a patriotic day!!


  1. happy fourth!! you both look adorable!

  2. You both look completely adorable and I love the 50's vibe you had going on!!

    Editor & Chic


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