Monday, June 13, 2011


So as most of you know I just got home from O-H-I-O & I decided that instead of flying back that I'd ride back with my friend Bo (he just got a job here so he had to move all his stuff). We had so much fun talking, joking, eating, singing, etc. etc. etc... It gave me an idea to make a roadtrip survival guide!
1. Refreshing drinks that will keep you hydrated & awake for your drive.
2. CLIF bars are really yummy & have a lot of protein that way you can postpone ordering that bigMAC
3. SUSHI (I just bought this because EEL is my favorite)
4. Nail Polish because since you're stuck in a car you can actually allow your nails the proper time to dry
5.the BEST C H I P S EVERRR! So scrumptious & they're a little spicy so that your eyes stay open :)
6. dried apple rings so that you have something healthy to pick at when you're bored.
Yupp, so now you're prepared to handle any road trip obstacle that comes your way. This has been a public service announcement (sorry I thought it was starting to sound like one).

Oh I forgot you definitely need music so that you can rock out like this ....
(sorry I don't know why the sound didn't work)
Bo & Wave's Road Trip

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