Wednesday, June 15, 2011

going GREEN

This summer my philosophy for my wardrobe is easy, cool, & cute (well I try). I bought this green skirt at a thrift store a couple months ago & I hemmed it a couple inches with my sewing machine to make it a little more wearable (Yes Mom I'm using it). I never thought that this skirt would get as much wear as it has, but it's so freaking practical/wearable! You can wear it with T-shirts, tank tops, tube tops... you name it, it works! I wore it in Ohio while I was there out to dinner with my family, & I was lounging around the house in it today. My day was earth-shatteringly crazy jkjk sorry no need for sarcasm I literally spent the day sewing & chopping old T-shirts up, catching up on episodes of the Bachelorette, & I went to the gym!! (don't worry I'm as shocked as you are). Yupp, enough blabbering here's the pictures!

 skirt & shirt-Thrifted, bandeau-Victorias Secret 

Off to work it is, Happy Wednesday!! 
& to all of you who have been leaving comments THANKS!! I really love reading them!!


  1. Cute outfit, looks fantastic on you.

    x Robine

  2. I wish that I could be that good with a sewing machine! The colour is stunning

  3. I think you did a great job! and it looks lovely on you ;)


  4. wave, you are SO beautiful!!! awesome DIY girl! long time no talk, i miss ya!

  5. hahaha, i love that you're watching The Bachelorette in the background! :) And P.S. - I see the walls of your bedroom, and just wanted to say my bedroom used to be that grey with black and white photos of me and my friends (framed in dark blue/black frames), too!! So ironic!

  6. this outfit rocks! the cut up T with the bandeau is great. Looking good, Wave!


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