Thursday, May 19, 2011


Ok so I got my hair done yesterday by my lovely friend Nikki at Image Creators Salon! I really really LOVE it! When I came home last night & showed David my hair for the first time his response was "Uhh I don't know I really don't know .. it's too much for me to take in right now." Haha I bet when you see my hair you won't even be able to see much of a difference. I basically just got highlights everywhere, I'm considering adding more blonde to it but idk. PS: I have no makeup on so sorry I look so rough! lol

On to more exciting news I got the job that I interviewed for a couple weeks ago & I'm soooo excited for it! I'll be able to spend more time with my husband & friends, not to mention I won't have to waitress & life guard every day of my life! Yupp pretty cool, so to celebrate I went on a mini little shopping spree to H&M and Old Navy followed by a lunch date w/ David at 5 guys (YUMMM). Well I gotta go to life guarding because unfortunately I'm still employed there til the beginning of July.

Casual Chic a la Old Navy

Going TRIBAL @ H&M



  1. LOVE the new hair! i love a good hilight :) it does wonders for me hehe and you look beautiful with them girl! and omg a job? daaang in this economy? lol congrats!! so happy for you! my Unemployment Benefits runs out by the end of december (boo hoo) so i gotta start looking for a job asap!

    i love your haul! especially your leopard print skirt, rawr!

  2. congratulations on the new job! lovely hair by the way, cut mine too recently, my first time get bangs ever..slightly bangs hehe! check out my blog...xoxo Cheryl


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