Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm never one to be excited about Mondays or mornings in general, but this is the first week that is entirely & completely school FREE! My husband had his last final this morning & being the awesome wife that I am lol I made breakfast so that he'd have some fuel for his last final also I was super hungry so I needed breakfast too :)

1 plain bagel
2 turkey sausage links cut in 1/2
1 egg prepared how you like
add cream cheese if you're a fatty like me
panini it & ENJOY !

On a sad note my wonderful, shiny, life-giving I-pod died last night & not in the sense that I've been neglecting to charge it, but in the sense that it's going to that big scrap medal recycling bin in the sky :( You've been a great MP-3 player & you'll be greatly missed until I find a replacement lol & YES I've been in a very dramatic mood lately in case you haven't noticed. 

 I'm so excited to get my hair colored this week! Sorry for the emotional/scatter brained roller coaster I'm sending you on lol I won't tell you exactly what I'm getting done I don't think it'll be super dramatic but it'll be a nice change for the summer ...
hope you have a magnificent Monday!!


  1. yummm yumm! i am a Total fatty. i am a lover of all things fatty, lol: cream cheese, spinach dip, all kinds of bread especially sour dough, bacon, sausages.. omg im drooling on my keyboard hahaha. how sweet of you to make him breakfast before a huge final :) i have my final next Monday and i'm a little more than nervous and cant wait to get it over with! i hope you have a great week and a great time off school, muah!!!

    also, cant wait to see how your hair turns out!! and i'm sorry to hear about your ipod :( may he rest in peace <3

    p.s drama queens are the best lol

  2. Looks super delish :) I have one more week before freedom, it's final week for me. I can't wait for it to be over. Have a lovely week doll <3


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