Sunday, May 1, 2011

leopard,lipstick,& L.B.D.'s ohh MY!!

Last night we went out to Lima in D.C. for my "big brother" Jin's Birthday!! It was wonderful getting to celebrate his B-day & to see everyone. The night got a little crazy so  I think I'm going to slow down for a bit. I was freaking out before we left because I couldn't find anything to wear & I was feeling pudgy in everything .... soo what to do what to do I went to my go to (haha that rhymed wow I'm a dork) L.B.D. I bought this black stretchy dress at the thrift store for about 5$ & I can't even count the number of times I've worn it & it's always magically flattering! I was rushing to get ready so I forgot to accessorize, but I did have time to put on some cute bubble gum pink lipstick & chandelier earrings. I saved the best for last my SHOOOOOOES!! I love these shoes more than anything in the whole wide world sorry David jkjk but they really are perfect 
  • leopard print Check mark symbol
  • huge obnoxious bowCheck mark symbol
  • peep toe  Check mark symbol
Anyways I've got to get back to watching all my police shows lol I love watching any & all F.B.I., police, & forensicy type shows . Yupp on another not only 2 more weeks left of school!!
 Hope everyone had a Great weekend!!


  1. you are so pretty! love your peep toe heels! xx

  2. lovely outfit! the shoooeess is awwwsoome!:) new follower here xoxo Cheryl

  3. you look so beautiful <3 this lbd is definitely flattering and for $5? heck yes!!! and omgosh i LOVE police shows too! my fav is "48 hours." i swear in my past life i was a homicide detective lol. well happy birthday to your brother and happy hump day! 3 more weeks of school left for me dear!! yayyy!

  4. I love leopard print!! You look so pretty :)

  5. You look so beautiful doll! The pumps are too cute. I love love love the necklace and the kind words, you made my day :)


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