Saturday, May 7, 2011


Dear Mom,

           You really are the best! From you insisting on walking to meet me at the bus stop & embarrassing me in front of all my friends to you peeing your pants from laughing at silly jokes you have always been YOU. I Love & understand you more everyday & I appreciate all that you've done for me.You are beautiful both inside and out, & you're one of the most talented people I know (maybe not cooking jk jk) I wish I could spend tomorrow with you, but I know you'll have a GREAT day! Thanks for always supporting me in everything I take on, I look forward to getting to see you again soon! LOVE YOU!!

PS: I'm a slacker & your m-day card should be arriving by Tuesday ... & YES, you're allowed to comment on this post :)
some things never change (  ^Back then ...)
... and NOW


  1. great pictures, love the blog

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  2. awww... this is SO SWEET waverly!! made me tear up! this is such a cute post!! HI MOM! lol


  3. I love these photos! and your mother must be strong!!!!


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