Thursday, May 26, 2011

D.I.Y. from Dress to Skirt

Ok so I LOVE D.I.Y. projects, but I usually find a way of making really simple projects WAYYY more complex than they need to be. With that said, I took on transforming a maxi dress from last summer which I only wore once into a maxi skirt (& yes I know everyone is doing this lol). First I thought I "measured" how long the skirt had to be, but of course I cut it too short & then had to sew more of the excess fabric to it so that it would actually BE a maxi skirt not a mini skirt. So here are the pics that go along with this saga...
pre snip
no I'm not pregnant lol this dress just isn't too flattering to my middle section
I cut off the braid to use as a cinch for the waist portion of the dress
The first time (when I cut it too short)

See I wasn't kidding it really was THAT bad
which is why I flipped the waist band over to cover it!! (genius I know)
The recycled drawstring braid ^

& alas the piece de resistance!!

 Yupp I'm pretty pleased with the results & can't wait to take some nice pictures in my "new" maxi skirt. Hope everyone has a Terrific Thursday!!


  1. Very impressive!! Totally something I would buy. I would like to fill my closet with tons of maxi skirts for comfy!

    Delighted Momma


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