Friday, May 13, 2011


I'm done with FINALS! TOO excited to even think strait lol. Last Saturday my BFF since 3rd grade came to visit all the way from the GREAT STATE of O-H-I-O (I'm a little biassed because I'm a midwest girl). Anyways David & I had a yummy dinner with Raychelle  & her BF Andy... so here are some pics 
the scarf is a result of too much Mad Men 
dinner @ Blue Grass
me & raych
David's Face = Priceless
after dinner 
view from their hotel
sorry for the poor quality of the pics I NEED a new camera!
I'm wearing an old Cotton-On dress which I bought when we lived in Sydney
 & white converses comfy & cute! 
So pumped for the weekend .. what do you guys have planned??


  1. I love your style!!
    Spanish kisses for you!

  2. aw, im glad you and bff had a good time :) the photo of you two holding hands is just TOO cute!! and you look adorable as always wave!

    too much Mad Men is always good for the soul ;)

  3. you look great!!xxx

  4. cute outfit... and your photos are so lovely!

    thanks for the comment and stopping by my site! :)

    xoxo, aimee


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