Thursday, April 21, 2011

trash vs. treasure

I went thrifting today (imagine that?!) Today was my final day of not having to work or go to school :( Spring Break you really came & went TOOO fast!! I usually focus more on clothes and slack on jewelry & accessories but I'm trying to break that bad habit. Not to mention it's a lot easier to hoard jewelry than clothes. So here are a few of the pieces I picked up this afternoon...

The first 2 are my favorite & I did some intense research (wikipedia) on the bird in the first one. It's a raven used in many indigenous stories according to my "accurate" source, they describe the raven as a "trickster" which made me like the necklace even more because I'm quite the little trickster! Well I like to think I am haha anyways I'm off to go watch D.C. destroy the Redbulls!!

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