Saturday, April 9, 2011

rendezvous a la thrift store

This past Monday instead of studying for statistics I decided to meet up with my friend Mian at Unique & Value Village thrift stores in Silver Springs. It was a sunny 88 degrees!!The wonderful beautiful weather & shopping was just what I needed to start my week off in the right direction. I scored 2 beautiful skirts, one is coral & the other is fuchsia. I was also lucky enough to find an adorable free people tank top as well as a navy blue tie-die tank top. My favorite purchase from the trip was a chunky chain link necklace which is definitely going to be making many appearances in my outfits this Spring. Oh yeah & to top off a delightful shopping trip we decided to grab lunch at the little restaurant inside the thrift stores (ps: the thrift stores were huge & they were connected to each other, it was a dream!!) we each got a chicken quesadilla with a side of rice ... sooo YUMMY!! I'm definitely looking forward to going back there again soon, but first things first I need to get rid of some junk in my closet to make room. I'm gonna leave you all with some pictures from our little trip!

(ignore my face, it was really sunny)
blouse: THRIFTED,   jeans shorts: AE,   shoes: RUGGED WEARHOUSE,   jewelry: THRIFTED elephant necklace


  1. I adore thrift shopping! My friend Jamie turned me on to it last year and I've been hooked ever since. You find awesome deals and unique looks
    Glad you find some gems :)

  2. That thrift store looks amazing and I love your necklace. I would always ditch studying for shopping :)

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