Saturday, April 2, 2011

producto final!

so after weeks of procrastination I finally finished the studded button-up I was working on & I love it!! The whole idea stemmed from tragedy (when my studded head band broke & I was left with 2 broken stretchy bands & a handful of studs) but I wanted to do something with the studs & luckily enough I had a huge man safari shirt in need of some T.L.C. in the form of bling .. here are the results!!
sewing the studs on

being a dorkk
(excuse my face I took these pics after being at work for 12 strait hrs!!!)

I <3 these stud earrings esp. with this studded button-up
(lets count the # of times I've typed "studs" in this post)

I can't wait to pair this shirt with torn up shorts, leggings, skirts ... eek the possibilities!!


  1. i love it! you did a good job and this is a great way to jazz a shirt up!

  2. I'm a huge supporter of DIY studding. I'm stud obsessed. The shirt looks great.

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