Sunday, April 17, 2011

Moroccan Feast

Whewww ... I'm shocked that I'm even able to type after all of the delicious food I got to eat last night. Like I said in the last post we went out last night to celebrate one of my BEST BEST BEST friend's birthday. She was turning the big 2-2 , so we decide to go to this cool Moroccan restaurant in D.C. called Marrakesh. The restaurant is such an interesting experience it's reservation only and you can only enter the restaurant if someone on the inside lets you in (thanks for making us feel V.I.P. lol) after that you're escorted to your table which is surrounded by little cushions & couches covered in colorful patterned blankets. They serve you 7 COURSES!!!

PS: you're only allowed to eat w/ your hands so they wash your hands prior to eating w/ rose water (very cool)

  1. SALAD (carrots, cucumbers, & eggplant in a tomato sauce)
  2. PASTRY (a huge pastry stuffed with chicken, eggs, nuts, & honey ... best part is that it's topped w/ powdered sugar)
  3. CHICKEN (an entire roasted chicken flavored w/ lemon & olives ... it was so tender it melted in your mouth)
  4. LAMB (ehh not my fave it was too fatty but it came in an almond & honey sauce)
  5. COUSCOUS (couscous lol)
  6. FRUIT & NUT PLATTER (apples, oranges, bananas, & walnuts)

our lovely server poring us delicious Moroccan Peppermint Tea   :)

action shot digging into the delicious food with my besties
a wonderful way to spend an evening <3
Left: With the Birthday Girl Sara <3                   Right: With her son Zachary aka my favorite person everr          
needless to say we ate very well last night. If you're ever in D.C. & with a large group of friends who don't mind all eating out of one platter I'd definitely recommend this place. Oh yeah best of all they have a belly dancer who preforms half way through the meal & she was excellent (I'm a belly dancer expert) !
Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend !!

pps: tank top & skirt-F21, leggings-TARGET, chain necklace-THRIFTED


  1. if im ever in DC i know exactly who to contact: YOU!

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