Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Eeeek I'm so excited I don't even know if I'll make it through this post!?!?! This morning I had a job interview (sorry I can't tell you what it is) and it went really well, or at least I think it went really well lol. If I get this job I won't have to work my other 2 jobs, & I'd actually get to spend time with my family!! In addition eeek I would have the same work schedule as David so we could do lunch dates & cute stuff like that! Anyways, I hope I'm not getting too ahead of myself, because it's not for sure but how can I NOT GET EXCITED?!?!?!

On another note In my long 21 years of wisdom, I don't know what it is but I like putting myself in uncomfortable situations (Don't worry I'll explain). There's just something about not letting stupid little self-doubts prevent you from doing what you want no matter how small. For example, I drive by the same little Mexican restaurant at least twice a week, and I've always wanted to go in but it's super authentic so I was nervous(I KNOWWW I"M DUMB). Anywho since I was all hyped up from the interview I felt invincible so I decided to go in. As soon as I walked in everyone started staring at me, and no it wasn't the "omg what a fashionable/chic young lady" haha it was the "...uhh are you lost"... anyways I just walked up to the server & ordered my 2 al pastor tacos togo & kept a huge smile on my face. I swear SMILES are amazing, they cross all language barriers & dissolve stupid misconceptions moral of the story I left the restaurant feeling happy that I went against my comfort zone & excited to go home and eat my tacos ... which is what I'm doing right now & getting salsa on my keyboard ahhh!
Yupp sorry this post was so wordy LOVE YOU ALL!! Thanks so much for following & commenting, it means more to me than you can imagine!!
This post needs pics so I'm gonna share with you guys some pics that make me SMILE!!

my A D O R A B L E      H U S B A N D
we are so goofy together & he always makes me laugh

cute little C O F F E E drinks
(even if I'm not the one drinking them)

the B E A C H
(this pic was taken @ Piha,NZ when I lived there)

yummy D I N N E RS with even better
F R I E N D S <3

beautiful B U I L D I N G S
(I took this one when my friend Jenn came to visit)
OMG OMG OMG sorry I forgot today is seriously my day/ the BEST day ever because the thrift store was 50% off errrrythaang!!! Yupp I'll post some pics later :)

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