Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what's black,white, & floral all over ?

                ... my dress duhh

b&w daisy dress-thrifted   wedge sandals-Francesca's Closet  
(black soffe shorts because the dress is kinda short)

I can NOT get enough of this wonderful weather .. however it does play with my heart strings a little bit. 3 weeks til Spring Break!! I don't know why our spring break is so much later than everyone else's, oh well I guess that will just make me that much more excited when it decides to show up. I don't have any plans set in place so far but I'm def. gonna figure something out. I'm really excited for April 23rd because my parents are coming (from Ohio) !! I haven't seen them since the wedding .. wait jk I haven't seen them since Thanksgiving whatever it seems like forever!
I found this dress hidden between two gaudy-sequiny dresses at the Value Village not too far from my house, & it has been true love ever since. I love how it flares out at the bottom because it makes my waist look tiny which is no easy task lol also it reminds me of the flowy dresses I wore back in elementary school (I'm all for nostalgia) ! These wedges were a "spiteful-buy" I was supposed to be shopping with David for a new shirt or something & I accidently left the store & tried these wedges on. David is 6'3 & doesn't like when we are both the same height so he did his "pained" face when I told him I was going to get them, that face however usually tells me that the item is fashionable. Haha whatever I love them & have gotten so much use out of them so I say job well done!! 


  1. ahh the shoes! the dress! very cute :)

  2. You obviously have a very fashionable mother.

  3. I LOVE THE SHOES. And by the way, your parents aren't the only ones visiting in April...YES, I HAVE DECIDED TO SHOW UP AS WELL TO ANNOY YOUR VERY FASHIONABLE SHOES OFF YOUR FEET!!!


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