Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Showdown .. my hometown or his??

Last night we went to the D.C. United vs. Columbus Crew game. It had some serious significance to it lol. I grew up in Columbus, and David grew up here in D.C. so there was a lot riding on this game "who is from the better city." Unfortunately Columbus lost in the fight (3-1) which was ok because I feel like D.C. is my home now. We went to the game with our friends Gina & Kybo. Gina & I "engaged ourselves in the game" aka we had a photo-shoot while the boys watched the game. It was a nice alternative to the typical Saturday night either working, going to a lounge/club, or staying at home. It was also really wonderful getting my mind off of midterms which I still have on Tuesday :(   I'm struggling right now between two majors the one I really want to take Hospitality, and the one that's more practical Communication. Anyways, enough of that gibberish David & I topped off the night by going to one of our new favorite cozy little nooks 4 Seasons Grille (not to be confused w/ the sweet hotel). I had a yummy glass of wine which went perfectly with the beef carpaccio I got & David got a crab cake sandwich it was so good I definitely stole a good 4 bites. Hope everyone had a relaxing/productive weekend! I'm really such a lucky girl to be surrounded by so many wonderful people, especially David. At the beginning of the night I was in a "mood" & he's such a sweetiepie and got me right out of it. He always knows what to do to distract me from being a grouch yupp.. sorry for being mushyy 
   ^ my love (I stole a smooch on the rode home) <3

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