Tuesday, March 29, 2011

cancun cravings

I was lucky enough to go to Cancun last May with a group of wonderful friends & this cold,windy, bitter, bipolar weather is making me miss it more than ever!! It's time to plan another trip... any ideas?? My only requirement is that it's a warm place with a beach lol to me you can't relax if there's snow or a windchill below 30. On another note I finished the studded button-up D.I.Y. project, but I'm just waiting to decide what I want to pair with it for its huge blog-debut! Other exciting news is that I'm trying to move my schedules around so I'll have 1 whole day a week off from both jobs & school (Eeeeek I can't even imagine) Hope everyones week is supa-dupa so far! Enjoy the pics<3

View from the Hilton Cancun

lovely cabanas where we laid around catching up
nothing's better
docked about to leave for Isla de Mujeres
SUNSET?SUNRISE? .. actually there's no way we were ever awake that early lol
ciao Cancun, until we meet again (hopefully soon!!)

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