Thursday, February 24, 2011

fairy film

Last Friday my little sister (who takes almost all my pics) was "sick" and had to stay home for the well being of everyone else, only because she's so considerate. Anyways we took a bunch of pictures and the lighting was so beautiful.. it's so much nicer to take pictures during daylight hours as opposed to midnight which is usually my only free time to do anything. It was so warm and yummy outside so we decided to snap some shots. Crap! sorry i'm so add I just remembered to check to make sure my car payment went through. There was a little bit of complication with it because I wanted to get it directly withdrawn from my checking account.. the tricky part was I had to order checks to make that happen. I don't know why anyone would want to hear that pointless story .. oh yeah my point was that I ordered animal print checks & they're sooooo cute there's a zebra, tiger, cheetah (of course), & a giraffe one they're awesome .. hopefully the stylish checks won't prompt me to spend more money :( Oh well only time will tell. This weekend is going to be pretty relaxed I have a couple DIY projects i've been neglecting for months .. oh yeah & that whole school thing too .. Any who I'm gonna leave you with the pics from our little "session"
ps .. I definitely felt like a fairy in this outfit the top dress is basically an oversized doily that I thrifted a while ago, and the dress underneath is kinda peachyish and I got it from ASOS a couple months ago .. yupp oh yeah and the shoes are Isaac Mizrahi for Target but I got them @ you guessed it the THRIFT store for $5! a few more pics <3


  1. your shoes are really cute...what a steal! the lighting in the photos are perfect!

  2. these photos are so beautiful! i also prefer to do photos "sessions" during the day time :) sunset is my favorite! you look so pretty!! and i hate doing automatic payments or paying anything online or with a check for that matter. this world is too fast paced for me sometimes.

  3. Lolz Wave you look amazing. I'm trying to talk all cutesy and stuff just for you so I hope you appreciate my effort!!! I even said lolz. Anyways, bye for now 0w0(<-that's a smiley face).


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