Monday, February 21, 2011

crazyyy weekend

Ok first and foremost I definitely am the worst blogger ever with updates lol. I guess I shouldn't be laughing if it's true, but anyways I had more "legitimate" excuses this week. I just got back from NY a few hours ago because I was at Fashion Week .. jk jk (I wish!!)  I was there to surprise my sister-in-law (I hate that term) & her husband for their bdays. Nothing like 8 total hours in a van with your Husbands entire family .. but not really because I slept the whole time because I'm a bum. On another note, Saturday I went out with 3 of my very best friends to celebrate my friend Leah's bday.. yupp so yummy but I don't have time to gush about all of that but I finally have pictures from our V-day dinner! My new life mantra has turned into "better late than never" haha ok well I have to run off to work but here are the pics!!
Our lovely entrance to the V-day EXTRAVAGANZA !!
Gil & David being "candid"

Abby sucha cutie decorating the table

2 of my favs I paparazzi'd this shot

the boys waiting for the pasta to be ready

the most yummy gummy <3 candies

haha I'm interesting

our lovely hostess of the evening adding the final touches to the sauce

Robert waiting patiently for dinner

our adorable table w/ customized champagne glass & name tags .. courtesy of moi! 

of course I took the pic of my name lol


  1. of course, better late than never!
    looks like a fun dinner :)
    happy belated valentines day babe

  2. That picture of Robert is funny.


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