Friday, February 4, 2011

camel couture

Wheww, it really feels like everyone in my life has a birthday within the months of December to February. I wore this out last weekend to my friend Bryan's bday. I'll have more pics from the actual bday outing up later!! This was just a late 'after party' photoshoot lol photo credits go to my lovely friend Alysia!

Boots Little Store in NY, Cozy Socks Laila Rowe, Ripped Tights Target, Mini Express, Coat Thrifted Calvin Klein :)  Scarf Thrifted
It was so funny when we were taking these pictures because people from the lounge kept looking around the corner for a place to pee & then they get a surprise (me failing at making 'modely' faces & poses). Anyways I really never know what to do with my face hah whatever I won't quit my day job. Speaking of day job my boss just called me & told me I'm working in the bar tonight .. eek i'm nervous anyways wish me look & have a FABULOUS weekend!!

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  1. I JUST REALIZED THIS POST HAS NO COMMENTS 0\O/0(<- that's an angry/shocked face)SO I SHALL BE THE FIRST. Lolz I will never understand fashion. I'm always saying HOW ABOUT THOSE SHORTS WAVE and you're always like NO THAT'S TOO MUCH DENIM then I always go 0_0. BUT I'M WATCHING PROJECT RUNWAY, TRYING TO EDUCATE MYSELF!!! YA!!! EDUCATIONAL SHOWS!!! My teachers would be so proud 0w0. Anyways, I'll just say that the boots are adorable and leave.

    -There was a typo in the last one and I'm really OCD and also couldn't figure out how to edit it so I just deleted it


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